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Duvel Style Belgian Strong Golden Ale
Doug Boyd

4 lbs Pale Malt Extract

.5 lbs Cara Vienne

4 lbs unhopped light Dry Malt Extract

1 lb Clear Candi Sugar

6 AAU Saaz hops (1.5 oz at 4%)

Wyeast 1214 Belgian Ale yeast

1 cup unhopped DME for Priming

"Duvel is Belgium's best selling specialty beer and is made
by the fiercely independent Moorgat brewery in Breendonk."

(excert from

Winning a packet of Wyeast 1214 Belgian Ale yeast at a HRB&TS meeting was my prime motivation for brewing this style. High carbonation, which is to style, but if you try to drink from the bottle it may gush on you.  I entered this in the HRB&TS extract competition and it took 1st  place.  I found the recipe in the November 2000 issue of Brew Your Own magazine. 


Steep grain in a grain bag in 2.5 gallons of water at 155 deg. For 45 minutes.

Remove  grains and bring to a boil. 

Add the liquid and dry malt extracts and stir well.

Add the hops and continue stirring.

Continue boil for 60 minutes.

Add the candi sugar and stir until dissolved.

Add additional water to bring the wort to 4.5 gallons.

Cool the wort to 75 or 80 degrees, put into fermenter and pitch the yeast.


At this point I had a hard time getting back to my brew.  It spent about 2 weeks in the primary and another 3 weeks in the secondary.

I bottle conditioned by dissolving 1 cup of dry malt extract in water and adding to the wort, stirring well.  I started drinking this after a week.  Good stuff, though it can only get better with age.

 Brew On!