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Hampton Roads Brewing and Tasting Society

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Hampton Roads Brewing and Tasting Society (HRB&TS) is dedicated to promoting the enjoyment of homebrewing. Annual dues are $15.00 per individual, $20.00 per household. Members are encouraged to support the responsible enjoyment of beer and to observe the beverage laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Persons attending HRB&TS meetings and events are solely liable for actions attendant to their participation.

HRB&TS   Application for Membership


Name       ______________________________________________________________

 Address  ______________________________________________________________



 Phone     ____________________

 Email      ____________________

                 (Newsletters will be emailed when an address is provided unless you request otherwise)

 May we publish the information on this application in a club roster?     YES     NO

 Are you a certified beer judge?     YES     NO

 Do you usually brew   .   .   .   .   ALL GRAIN     EXTRACT     BOTH

 Would you like to participate in club brewing sessions?     YES     NO

 Any comments?     _______________________________________________________

 Yearly dues are $15.00 per person or $20.00 per family. 

 Dues paid     $____________              Date: ______________

 Please make checks payable to HRBTS and mail to:

 Treasurer - HRBTS                              Phone:  (757) 408-7912
 4621 Hermitage Road                          Email:
 Virginia Beach, VA   23455