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HRB&TS Draft Rules (Club Bylaws)

The Hampton Roads Brewing and Tasting Society (HRB&TS) is dedicated to promoting the enjoyment of homebrewing.  Members are encouraged to support the responsible enjoyment of beer and to observe the beverage laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Persons attending HRB&TS meetings and events are solely liable for actions attendant to their participation.

1. The club shall maintain the following elected and appointed positions of club officers:

Elected Positions
2. Elections of club officers shall be in January of each year.

3. Complementary membership will be awarded to brewery and brewpub owners, and others who champion homebrewing of beer, at the discretion of the Executive Board (see comp section of membership roster).

4. Anyone participating in the Brewer’s Pool must bring a six pack of the beer he/she brewed to a subsequent meeting for the Club's tasting and three bottles for the subsequent competition.  Brewer’s Pool members shall be reimbursed (or paid up front?) with 10 pounds of two row barley malt.

5. There must be two mandatory club parties "special events" (e.g. summer/fall, and Oktoberfest).

6. Reimbursement for money spent on club items must be receipted. Also, prior to any expenditure, the President must grant pre-authorization.

7. Official club meetings shall be held on the first Wednesday of each month from 7:30 pm until approximately 10:00 pm.

8. There will be a NO SMOKING policy established for official club meetings so that our members may better enjoy fine beers.

9. Any club officer needing to leave office prior to the end of their term shall be replaced at the discretion of the President.  If the
President has to leave the Vice President shall take over the duties of the President.

10. Annual dues are $15.00 per individual and $20.00 per family. Dues shall be collected in December of each year. Club members will have until February to submit their dues prior to being removed from the club roster. Club fees shall be prorated for those joining the club late in the year.

11. Any changes to these bylaws must be voted on by club members at an official club meeting by the simple majority of those present.

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